Sakura’s Twin


Everyone knows what the Japanese term sakura means. Especially, since animes like Naruto are broadcasted in Europe and in the US. It’s the lovely cherry blossom, which is often used in romantic scenes. Confessing under a cherry tree, surrounded by swirling soft pale pink petals that’s a popular one.
But what about plum blossoms? They look very alike to sakura but how are they called in Japanese? Don’t know? Me, too.  Searching on the Internet shows ume as one of many results. Ume like the Japanese plum liqueur you find in every supermarket.

Tout le monde connaît ce qui se cache derrière du mot japonais sakura. Particulièrement, depuis que des animés comme Naruto sont montrés dans des pays à l’ouest. Il n’y a pas de scènes romatiques sans cette fleur.
Mais qu’est-ce qui est le mot pour fleur de prunier ressemblant à sakura? Pas de réponse? Je ne le connais pas aussi. C’est ume. Vous connaissez la liqueur japonais de prunes? Elle s’appelle aussi ume.


I have two plum trees blooming in my front yard at the moment. They do look like delicious pink candy floss! Looking at their pale pink color against the brillant blue of the sky I ran back into the house to take out my camera. Actually, pink is one of my least favorite colors when it’s used too much. But I have an irrational soft spot for pale pink in combination with azure. It must be the azure. It makes me irrational!
Actually, I don’t know if these trees are really plum trees. They do produce plum-like fruits, which even taste like plum according to Mum. Well, I call them plum trees.
I’d love to see trees looking like pale blue candy floss. And pale yellow! Well, a garden full of candy floss would be nice.

Dans mon jardin j’ai deux pruniers fleurant maintenant. Ils sont tellement beaux, leurs fleurs roses devant du bleu du ciel, que j’ai pris mon appareil photographique pour tenir ferme ce spectacle.
Je ne sais pas si ces arbres sont vraiment des pruniers mais ils ont des fruit ressemblant beaucoup à des prunes.


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