Christian Dior Fall Haute Couture 2010-11

It’s so beautiful. Gorgeous. Stunning. Simply WOW. I’m referring to Christian Dior Fall Haute Couture 2010-11, which takes me straight into a garden that can only exist in fairy tales and dreams and where flowers bloom in such brilliant colors so that they’re mistaken for jewels. I believe that this collection is so appealing to me because the garments speak to me, they have a voice, they tell stories. Somehow I feel connected to them, they inspire, they call up images, they tell stories.

dior haute couture fall 2010dior haute couture fall 2010
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For instance, this short dress with purple pattern brings me back to those relaxing hours in the afternoon when tea is served in a similarly patterned tea set. How fantastic it would be to coordinate your dress with your tea set? A gorgeous dress for afternoon tea this would make.
The second dress is flirtier and lighter in color, with a swingy pleated skirt it’s meant to be worn on a stroll through the garden. Imagine an elegant woman wearing it while enjoying a walk in her beautiful garden (Versailles would be amazing!). What a wonderful sight.

dior haute couture fall 2010dior haute couture fall 2010
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Poppies spring to mind when I look at his gown – next to the flag of Germany. The first association is way more appropriate since flowers were obviously John Galliano’s source of inspiration and I doubt that he saw a lot of flags (unlike me – Soccer World Cup = flags everywhere) while he was crafting this collection. I love how black, the color which I view as the closest to death, yes, this dead black yet appears so lively in this particular gown. Black is always dramatic but I can’t recall when I’ve seen it that playful, so much fun.
Fragile soft pastel colors on deep black. Call me cheesy but this combination of colors reminds me of soap bubbles in front of solid black stone. Definitively the strongest contrast I can think of. Black and white isn’t as stark since white is also a strong color, just like black. Therefore they’re a match in brilliancy and don’t contrast on this aspect.

dior haute couture fall 2010dior haute couture fall 2010
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Well, again. I love how black is used in this collection. This time the contrast is softer and smoother, again it’s a stunning piece. The black fades into soft pink and the ruffles suggest delicate flower petals.
Soak a pristine white handkerchief in an ink bottle, wrap it around your doll and finish with a green ribbon. It does appear like that and it’s a lovely effect. Besides, an ink-stained handkerchief is far more romantic than the cliché bloody one – think of a creative but suffering poet scribbling down his ingenious thoughts on parchment or a lovesick man writing a longing love letter to his beloved.

I always look forward to Christian Dior haute Couture shows for Galliano always manages to bring color and passion – regardless of the season (in fact, this one is Fall/Winter and it does appear very summerly). Looking at his Haute Couture creation I see everything I love about fashion: Bright colors, playful shapes and lots of details. His work doesn’t appears as strong as Chanel Haute Couture of this season regarding the aspect of craft but I prefer Galliano’s work. Galliano doesn’t impress me with craftmanship but he impresses me a lot with his creativity and his passion. The world always seems to be bright and amazing after I’ve seen Christian Dior Haute Couture.

Check out Christian Dior Fall Haute Couture 2010-11 on and don’t forget to zoom in with the magnifier to see each lovely detail!


One comment on “Christian Dior Fall Haute Couture 2010-11

  1. kaylaaax3 says:

    This is amazing; very beautiful
    I really love the last black dress that fades to the light pink. It looks just like a real flower to me. It takes genuine creativeness and skill to make something that breath-taking. Go Christian Dior !
    read my blog !;

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