Dove Grey


During my absence from blogging I’ve bought a skirt. A dove grey bubble skirt with lovely draping. Its neutral shade makes it easy to pair with any top and thus very versatile. I personally like to match it with a close-fitting bright top to balance out its grayness and volume. It’s a very good excuse to put on a daring and bold – both in color and print – top since the skirt tames and tones down the look.

I love it, so easy to wear, so comfortable, nevertheless stunning on its own. Without any doubt one of those investments that will last for years. With fashion moving so fast, trends coming and going rapidly it’s nice to have some versatile and essential pieces which one can rely on.

For me, putting a look together is like painting or baking: At first you have some vague idea  or one piece/ingredient to work with and then you start to build on this. To  apply this on fashion:  You start with one piece but there are countless possibilities to progress further, depending on the style and the mood you want to express.


One comment on “Dove Grey

  1. Aw, the bubble style of the skirt is adorable. That could me matched with anything for any event. I have a blazer in that exact color, and by the looks of it, the exact same material as well!

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