Elegant Rose


My very first experience with perfume was a fragrance called Tearose de Paris, a golden liquid inside a rectangular bottle with black cap. I believe it’s a gift from the Turkish lady that used to watch over me while Mum was working. Mum still keeps it in the bathroom cabinet although she rarely uses it due to  its fickle spray top.
For me, this fragrance was the first one I’ve ever smelled actively – or at least the first I can recall smelling – and it has defined my taste. I like perfumes to smell elegant and refined – not overwhelming floral or yummy fruity, which most of the fragrances found in drugstores and supermarkets are, e. g. Bruno Banani Magic Woman, which would make a great ice cream flavor.
Yves Rocher Rose Absolue, on the other hand, fits the bill. It’s an elegant rose with hints of cinnamon in the top notes and a warm base. For further information, take a look at nstperfume.com and boisdejasmin.typepad.com, their reviews made me interested in Rose Absolue.
Frankly spoken, I didn’t fell in love with it immediately but deemed it as pleasant. It was Mum who loved it and offered to share the price (approx. 25€, 50% off) and the bottle.
With temperatures dropping I decided to give it another try, hoping that its honey note would appear less candied. Yves Rocher Rose Absolue is made for cool days like hot tea with just the right amount of sweetness. It’s sweet, yes, but not plain white sugar but rich golden caramel and honey. And it makes you feel warm, a luxurious blanket draped around you, that you want to snuggle in. boisdejasmin describes this as “plush quality. It is a heavy silk, rather than a nylon blend.” I fully agree.
In addition, it has an amazing staying power on me. Sprayed three days ago it can be still faintly detected and that although I’m quite fuzzy about hygiene and always rush to the next sink to scrub my hands.

Image credit:fragrantica.com.


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