Erdem S/S 2011

Erdem S/S 2011 combines two main features of its last collections: The embroidery of S/S 2010 and the wild and colorful patterns of F/W 2010. I like it, although it does feel a bit repetitive, mainly because the variety of fabrics used is limited to ivory, a wild mix of colors and a faded floral print.

erdem ss 2011erdem ss 2011

What I love most about Erdem is how it incorporates traditional features such as lace and embroidery into clothing that is modern and exciting. There’s so much to see and to admire, just take a look at this lovely lace dress! I’ve included a close-up this time so that one can actually see the lace pattern itself. Gorgeous, huh? It possesses the delicateness and dreaminess of  flower blossoms which I associate with tragic and sadness and love due to their use in mangas. That’s why I feel a bit sad while looking at this dress. But that’s good, isn’t it? Something that is able to evoke feelings is more precious than one without.

Lace is truly beautiful and lately it has been really en vogue. But I think, from the clothing I’ve seen  that had it,  it can be easily too much. Then the lace pattern becomes too narrow and too complex thus making it impossible to appreciate it. It loses its romantic quality and becomes grandmotherly. Erdem, however, manages to make lace that shares similarity with morning dew. Both appear unspoilt and pure.

erdem  ss 2011erdem  ss 2011

In contrast to the previous dress, this one is embraced by harsh white and bright red flowers set against a creamy background.  There is a powerful almost violent feeling to it, caused by the stark contrast between fabric and embroidery.  Cut-out swirls at the shoulders, collar and at the hem underline the dynamic of this unusual dress.  I keep thinking of brave and stubborn warrior princesses that often appear in those Asian movies, e. g.  House of Flying Daggers and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. These strong women would look impressive in this dress by Erdem while throwing daggers and wielding swords. There is one scene – the end of House of Flying Daggers – where the girl pulls the dagger out of her chest to protect her beloved with it, which results into blood splattering out of her wound onto the snow. It’s the contrast, blood-red and snow-white, that connects this scene with the dress in my mind.

The next favorite of mine is quite an exception since I rarely post about a top. For it’s easy to overlook tops in favor of admiring more eye-catching dresses. Well, this creamy shirt is too stunning to ignore with its cut-out swirls giving just a tasteful hint of flesh and the offbeat collar adding an appealing twist. It’s not your usual white shirt and it will look great when paired together with classic dark pants or a skirt. Excitingly classic.

erdem ss 2011erdem ss 2011

Adorned with a beautiful and bright print this dress sums up everything that I associate Erdem with: Pretty and wearable dresses with gorgeous colors. Love this print, the fiery orange contrasts strongly with the cool shade of blue and green, it’s the setting of a fairy tale painted onto fabric. I wish I could step into this fairyland but maybe I could visit it in my dreams while slumbering in this dress? And even if that doesn’t work, it’s still the ideal dress to wear when going to a garden party to chat and swap stories while sipping a cooling drink. And that’s what I love about Erdem: Its clothes are beautiful, exciting but nevertheless still wearable, which isn’t as easy to achieve as it seems.

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