Carolina Herrera S/S 2011

Extravagant fabrics stealing your breath. Embroidery leaving you in awe.  Draping enticing you to trace over it. Colors and prints taken from paintings. Quirky details making you smile. That’s all that I wish for in clothing and Carolina Herrera S/S 2011 succeeds in ticking off all the right boxes. The fabrics are so gorgeous, held in gorgeous colors and with gorgeous embroidery. You see, I’m quite enamored. Not to mention the cute and quirky details such as the awkward bows and the romantic prints! They add personality and make the clothing much more memorable.

carolina herrera ss 2011carolina herrera ss 2011

The dress is so classic – black and white – yet it isn’t boring at all. The white top features cute flowers, its sleeves are sheer.  Since the top is slightly larger cut than the close-fitting bottom the waist appears narrow, which is what every woman wishes for. I love how the large bows make the dress look less serious and more cute.

The Asian influence can’t be overlooked in this dress. Red has always been one of the most important colors in Asian culture and the embroidered birds (are those swallows?) somehow remind me of Asia but I can’t pinpoint why exactly. Well, at least I know that the folds at the left look like origami. Not origami in terms of Japan because I’ve read multiple times that this collection was inspired by Korean culture but origami in terms of paper folding.

carolina herrera ss 2011carolina herrera ss 2011

Unlike the previous dress, whose embroidery is detailed, the one of the grey dress is much more abstract. I can discern flowers and leaves done with silver-colored, gold-colored and black threads. There’s a shiny brooch fixed at one side and with the small thread forming a ribbon around it, it looks as if the model is a gift in stunning wrapping paper that’s actually the dress. And the ribbon is a ribbon and the brooch is one of those cute little things you attach at the gift, e. g. a note, a little flower, some candy…

The next dress doesn’t need any embroidery to impress me because it’s already very impressive. The pink color really stands out and the draping is outstanding. It looks so natural yet it gives the dress a much more dramatic look.  And again those bows!
carolina herrera ss 2011carolina herrera ss 2011

Those flower prints are a major characteric of the Carolina Herrera S/S 2011 collection. They were largely placed on skirts, on dresses but I like them best on this blazer. The print certainly adds a lot personality to the classic. Seriously, I really love those prints. They remind me of a botanist’s notebook when there weren’t any photos and people had to rely on sticking  the plants directly into the notebook instead of taking a photo. Do you see the small adhesive tape at the bottom of the stem? Brilliant.

I love those prints but I love this embroidery even more. It blows my mind. And the dramatic folds of the fawn fabric! And the rich red bow! This is my favorite of this collection. It’s elegant. Romantic. Cute. Witty! Do I need to say more?

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