Imitation S/S 2011

Imitation S/S 2011 is all about opposites. Soft pastels – white, nude, yellow, pale blue – are present and so are dramatic black and proud gold. Dresses are either simple in loose cut and thin fabric – a bit sheer – or heavily opulent with intricate lace.

I usually don’t know much about the fashion shows themselves since I rely on photos and don’t see the shows. Therefore I know little about the mood there, the music, the set, how the show is organized. Well, judging from the photos I’d say it’s a romantic show. Models walk on an artificial turf barefootly, the light is quite dim. I love the idea to let the models walk without high heels, it suits the romantic feeling the clothes get across. And it’s refreshing.

imitation ss 2011imitation ss 2011imitation ss 2011

The dress is so simple but also so beautiful. Reminds me of Greek goddesses with the white and thin fabric falling loosely around your body. It’s such an understated piece that one can really play around with the accessories. The lacy veil is gorgeous and the crystal encrusted head-piece adds glamour. Love this look as a whole.

This belted top is really something. The blurred print of bird silhouette is lovely and there’s so much to see.  From the raw edges to the drapery at the bottom it’s really interesting. Its tattered look make the model seem like a cool and laid-back heroine, always prepared to fly away from any danger.

The third dress is similar in print, however, the warm pink shade makes the model appear like an exotic beauty. Love the solution with the collar, do you see how the fabric flows behind as the model walks? Very romantic and picturesque. I would just wished for some less sheer fabric underneath, it would make it much easier to wear.

imitation ss 2011imitation ss 2011imitation ss 2011

It’s time to shine and sparkle! As Christmas is nearing this dress would make a perfect choice. The lace is incredible!

For the walk to the next party this stunning cape protects your bare shoulders from the cold. And the high and dramatic collar makes sure that you won’t get a sore throat the next morning.

Last but not least: My favorite. I’m always weak against blue, lace, bare shoulders. With all that combined it’s no wonder that this dress renders me completely helpless. I would tie a big dark red bow around the waist to add some nice color and wear a some really nice jewelry.

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