England Part 1: Underwhelmed by Stonehenge

Seeing pictures and seeing the real thing, there’s a difference. In 2D Stonehenge looks impressive, huge stones raising their head high into the sky. I imagined to be overcome by a strange feeling, to be overwhelmed by its sheer age and size, to realize how small I am compared to it. I wanted to feel lost, to lose myself on this hill, to let my worries be carried away for a moment.


However, reality is sobering as I discovered on a school trip to England. Stonehenge is nothing more than a few old rocks on a big patch of grass. It certainly doesn’t help that fences obscure my view and flocks of tourists diminish any hope of enjoying myself in tranquility, either.


At least there were small audio guides for everyone, even in German, so that everyone could go at his own pace. Works well for me since I’m usually a bit slower than others.  Nonetheless, I still had to wait for people to get back. Luckily, I wasn’t the only one waiting. Some odd birds were so nice to put on a little show to entertain bored tourists. They’re really funny. And odd. But the big bird at the right didn’t seem to be faced at all.  A group of clowns, those birds.

In the end I went back with a smile on my lips.  Stonehenge wasn’t too bad.



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