England Part 2: Overwhelmed by the coast


If I had to choose between a digital camera and a cell phone, I would go for the camera. I even got one before my first cell. Maybe I’m just not the cell phone type. I really enjoy photography although I don’t actively pursue this kind of hobby. Instead, I like to take pictures whenever I go on a trip or somewhere unusual.

But I’m not one of those tourist photographers who snap a picture of everything just to  show off at home: Hey, I was there! And I saw those! And this, too! Maybe it’s because I like drawing and painting but I cannot stop paying attention to the camera angle, to the composition, to the light. Therefore, the photos I took on the trip rarely show any people but landscape. It’s so much easier to take a good picture!

The best pictures are from a trip to the coast. I remember freezing like crazy because I had to walk through town while it was raining earlier that day. And thus my feet were soaked and icy cold. Horrible! I just wanted to head back to the Bed&Breakfast and curl up in bed after a really hot shower.

But I’m glad that I didn’t. For that day was really nice after that. I went to the coast and during the drive my feet didn’t feel the cold anymore (but they were still wet). The view was amazing! The sun was beginning to set, the light reflecting on waves, dark rocks gave a pretty contrast.

I was so engrossed in taking pictures that I again got wet feet when I shot the picture above. I didn’t watch the waves and then a bigger one came and I couldn’t jump back fast enough. Well, at least a got a nice picture of the wave crashing against the rock. Love the shapes there.


The combination of sky, silhouettes and sun is really pretty and an easy photo subject. Just make sure not to look into the light, use the screen of the digital camera instead.


The coast has lots of interesting subjects to photograph. Be it the relaxing play of waves, the sky with its clouds and sun. And if you’re bored with long shots, how about some macro photos? I really enjoyed my day at the coast and it’s been a long time since I actually felt that I got something pretty.


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