Mocca Beige Part 2: Love at second sight

Bought in August 2009 this eyeshadow duo, Rival de Loop Eyeshadow 04 Mocca Beige, has finally revealed what it’s capable of. When I first used it, I was very disappointed. The colors didn’t show, all I got was glitter.  That was why I put it into a box and forgot about it. Now, one year and a few months later I found a way to coax this duo into showing me its beautiful color. And behold:


The key is the base. Without any the color payoff is poor, especially the light shade. But layer a white eye pencil underneath, hello color! I used the Rival de Loop Automatic Eyeliner in white, it’s creamy and soft, therefore it holds the color well.  And I didn’t need to buy an eyeshadow base because I already have this eyeliner pencil, which I use to line my waterline, at home. I like it when products can be used in different ways. Saves money and space.

The other key is the way of application. When I first bought it I made the mistake to use a brush. Normally, this is the best way to get the most of an eyeshadow. Not with this duo. The colors are much better when applied with your fingers. And they also like to be pat on,  not stroked.

Love, love the brown shade. It’s a cool color and has a nice, subtle shimmer, that looks great on my skin. So elegant. The light shade is very useful when I want to look awake with bright eyes. I wear it as a wash on my lid with a smudged wing at my outer corner. That makes my droopy eyelids seem to turn more upwards. Be sure not to apply to much, a thin, sheer layer will do. Although it’s barely noticeable it’ll reflect light and make you look rested. If you use more, it’ll look chalky and unnatural, that’s surely not what we aim for.

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