April, April, I see the beginning and the end

It’s April. That makes three months without blogging. I can’t say that I really missed it – my mind was occupied with thoughts on the Abitur (final secondary-school examinations in Germany)! But now the worst is over only one oral examination left and then: Wait, wait, wait. For the results.

In the meantime, I’m planning to do some posts about methods and ways to make oneself look good. Of course, looking good is relatively spoken. I want to show how to improve one’s outward appearance because  it’s not that difficult. But I see a lot of people who could do better. In most cases it’s due to neglect of something entirely trivial, e. g. not enough care for colored hair, too little sleep, inadequate eating habits… It’s nothing grave, nonetheless it affects you and your body.

And we all know: Small things build up into a bigger problem. And we all want to prevent that, don’t we?

Then: Shall we start?


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