One small step for you, one big step for your skin

Beauty is only skin deep.

Well, that doesn’t mean that skin isn’t worth any attention. Besides, people constantly draw conclusions from your looks – it’s unintentional. Your dark circles under the eyes may be the result of a restless night or you simply have them (some people sleep and sleep but never get rid of their circles). Or your physique can be an indicator of your love for greasy food but it’s also possible that it’s genetic. You see it’s not easy. People search for signs in your outward appearance to get information about you. You think that’s superficial ? It isn’t worse than basing opinions on rumors and gossip.

But in contrast to rumors you have a certain control over your outward appearance, so why not adjust it to the image you want people to see? Give them the right signals? Show them on the outside who you are?

Skin condition  is one of the first things people notice when meeting a person. It isn’t necessary the most noticeable unlike the eyes but it plays a major role. I often think of someone not so attractive: Why don’t I find him/her good-looking?  More often than not it’s because of the skin. Pimples and redness distract from nice eyes, a cute nose or full lips.

Then a good skin condition is what we ought to aim for. In other words we want normal skin. Fear not, it doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive and time-consuming to achieve .  It’s only if you let it be. Remember, there are always options.

The first step of every daily skin care routine is cleansing. Cleansing is meant to remove dirt and make up from your face. Some people prefer to use only water. In fact, my mother has washed her face only with water for decades and her skin looks amazing! For me, this doesn’t work because I tend to get pimples now and then and because I use water-resistant make up. So I started to use a drugstore cleanser during puberty and it certainly improved my skin and lessened the appearance of impurities. Great! Since then, I’ve been regularly cleansing my skin every day.

See, that doesn’t sound too difficult, does it? Cleansing takes only a few seconds in the morning and in the evening (you can also skip a cleanser in favor of water in the morning if you want)! A good cleanser doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Since it touches your skin for only a short time a basic one should do. Mine is from a drugstore and it’s really really cheap (less than 1€ for 200 ml). It’s only important that it doesn’t do anything bad to your skin, e.g. irritation, and that YOU like it. If you don’t then it’s possible that someday you will start to just skip it. Add cleansing to your daily routine just like toothbrushing!


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