Reliable and cheap: Rival de Loop Clean & Care Milde Reinigungsmilch and Pflegendes Gesichtswasser

Remember when I wrote about good cleansers not being necessarily pricey? The Rival de Loop Clean & Care Milde Reinigungsmilch and Pflegendes Gesichtswasser are perfect examples. “Milde Reinigungsmilch” translates into “mild cleansing lotion” and “Pflegendes Gesichtswasser” into “nurturing toner”. Rival de Loop is only available in Rossmann stores because it’s a house brand. At the moment you can find Rossmann in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Albania and Turkey.


Rival de Loop Clean & Care Milde Reinigungsmilch:
The off-white container with a light turquoise cap is about 15 cm tall and 7 cm wide. It contains 200 ml and retails at 0,99 €.

The white cleansing lotion is quite liquid, it has the texture of a light moisturizer. It’s supposed tobe  applied it with  fingertips and then removed with water.  I like to splash some water on my face before to get rid of some dirt before applying the cleanser in circular motions onto my wet face. This saves product. After that I remove with water.

This cleanser easily gets rid of my concealer, eyeliner and eyeshadow. Water resistant products need more work, I tend to slighty (very slightly!) rub at those places. My water-resistant mascara and liquid eyeliner can’t be removed with this cleanser alone – but I don’t expect it since this cleanser isn’t labelled as  makeup remover for water-resistant products. So it’s fine. In combination with the toner and my night cream every makeup disappears without trace.

In conclusion, the Rival de Loop Clean & Care Milde Reinigungsmilch does a good job of cleansing my skin.  It’s not a miracle product but it does what a cleanser is supposed to do and I’m satisfied. And it’s cheap. Even more because all few weeks it’s on sale for 0,79 € And then there are still the 10 % discount coupon by Rossmann, which are amazing. A good product at a good price.

Rival de Loop Clean & Care Pflegendes Gesichtswasser:
The toner comes in a semitransparent container (approx. 15 cm tall and 7 cm wide) through which you can still see the pink color of the 200 ml of the liquid. You can get it for 0,99 €.

The toner feels like water and behaves like water. I put some of it on a cotton pad and then gently sweep on my face.  Eyeliner and mascara stains under my eyes  – the panda eyes – are easy to remove with this product. For me, it’s like a second cleansing.

Although a toner isn’t a must I really like to use it. I get the impression that it soothes my skin, especially, after breakouts. Even my mum feels the same, she skips the cleanser but never the toner! Like the cleanser, you can get it cheaper when it’s on sale.


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