Welcoming the warmth of summer’s welcome

Last week I went out to buy some ingredients for my blueberry Swiss roll. Since I haven’t left the house for quite some time (busy with preparing for the oral examination or better – pretended to be) I just couldn’t figure out what to wear. Was it already warm enough to ditch my light jacket for summer, warm enough for short sleeves?  I was never good at matching clothes to the weather and the temperature. In the end I went for a thin long-sleeved purple shirt. And after just a couple of meters I already began to sweat. It was so hot! In addition to my incapability of judging the weather my house is very good at keeping away the coldness of winter and the summer heat so can’t really tell the temparature from inside.

Getting back from the supermarket I knew it was time to pull out my favorite clothing pieces for summer.

PhotobucketLeft: Bright bright red! I love to joke that whenever I might get lost somewhere I’m going to wear this dress. There’s no way anyone could overlook this color. A photo of me wearing it can be found here. It’s a bit big around the waist therefore I like to pair it with a floral  belt, which takes back some harshness.

Middle: This dress is the opposite of the prior. It’s good and safe for whenever I need to look put together and nice. Fits lots of styles. I bought it on my trip to England.

Right: My mother handed me down this green dress with lots of tiny white dots. It looks lovely paired with an exotic pink flower brooch. When I wear it I feel like I’m on a permanent vacation on some nice island, with orchids in my hair, pineapples and coconuts everywhere.

Left: The first skirt I bought myself. Since black looks good with nearly every color a black skirt is easy to wear. Love the floral print on the front but I expected better quality from Zero. A stitching went loose and I had to sew it back.

Right: My favorite skirt when I don’t have the time and the nerves to worry about wrinkles. The fabric is very soft thus wrinkles aren’t an issue. The skirt looks good with a tight top. I like to wear it with a teal blue t-shirt and add white and red flower brooches on the waistband.


Left: Whenever I want something more formal, more chic or when I want to pretend to be some classy lady playing golf I choose this one. The print with its dots makes me think of flowers painted in the impressionism style.

Middle: I’m very easy when it comes to bottoms. Blue jeans, blue jeans and occasionally a skirt or shorts. I admit, quite boring. The fact that I freeze easily and that I hate freezing may be the reason why I don’t own more that two pairs of shorts.  This one here makes my legs look longer than they are (with some high heels) and I think together with the top at the left it makes a lovely look.

Right: I rely on this shirt when it’s unbearably hot but I don’t want to show too much skin. Or when I want to put an emphasis on  my Asian heritage and looks. Again I like it in combination with a pair of shorts.

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