All the small things


It’s not all about buying things. It’s about going through things,  making discoveries, spending some time alone or with friends and family, eating ice cream, smiling when you find something pretty or for a good price, being frustrated when you don’t. That’s shopping for me.

I spent a really nice day with my younger brother in town. Cycling approx. 6 km to town, browsing around in stores, enjoying the great weather, celebrating the day with the first ice cream cone of the year (chocolate chip and sweet woodruff ice cream).  I even went into a drugstore I usually never go in since I’m a regular at Rossmann. Ihr Platz just doesn’t offer the same wide selection of products nor does it have any good sales going on. Not very attractive to customers. But his day I thought let’s have a look, it can’t hurt and went inside. I and my brother were the sole customers in the entirely store! Usually, I then feel a bit uncomfortable, you know being the only one besides the cashier in the store. However, that day I thought who cares? and proceeded to look around. To my surprise I discovered that two make up brands I’ve been looking for for quite some time – Catrice and Essence – are available there! Great! We played a little with the eyeshadows and I’ll definitively go back to test some more. The Rossmann store in town doesn’t have those brands so I’m happy to see them at Ihr Platz.

Next we went to Tedi, a dollar store. There one can find lots of different things, e. g. greeting cards and mugs and T-shirts with cheap pickup lines, all kinds of products for decoration. For the most part, the products sold there are tasteless but sometimes I’m lucky and find something nice. Like this time. There was this pretty greeting card that jumped right into my eyes. I instantly liked the illustration on the front. However, this wasn’t everything. When I opened it, the inside was this:


Lovely, isn’t it? The text says “Freundschaft… ist eine langsam wachsende Blume” (“Friendship… is a slow-growing flower”) and I think that it’s perfect for my former neighbor, an old lady, who used to give me pocket-money and with whom I wrote lots of secret letters hidden in our special secret place. Since she’s going to move back to her family I probably won’t get to see her again. Therefore this greeting card will be a nice gift for her birthday next month.


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