Fits like a glove


Gorgeous, this dress. Lovely flower print that’s perfect for a nice summer day. Don’t the colors remind you of ice cream? Strawberry, blueberry, vanilla – yummy! There I was – a shopping mall in Prague – faced with a tough decision: To take or not to take? (I could still hear Dad shouting: “We’re leaving in half an hour!”) What to do? I loved this dress but it had one serious flaw: It didn’t fit me well. You can tell from the photo above that the dress had a quite low neckline. It’s intended for someone with a longer upper part of the body so that the smock part in the middle hung too low on me.

Still, I bought it. And took a needle and thread to get it fit me. I shortened the neckline, which didn’t call for much skill, the ruffles were so forgiving. I think that  this is one of the easiest changes one can do to clothing. Everyone can do it. So if the low-cut neckline shows too much for your liking shorten the straps and it will be fine.

How do you like the changes I made?



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