Poised for prom

In a couple of years I will open my photo album and I want to be able to say: “I looked good at prom!” Prom is one of the most exciting events when it comes to graduation and everyone wants to look their best. Girls discuss potential dancing partners, get an appointment with their hairdresser, obsess over dresses months before.

So how did I do? I’ve been interning for two months in a place where one could choke on the testosterone in the air. Furthermore, ugly, ill-fitting, boring working clothes didn’t help me to feel pretty, either. Well, when prom arrived I was ready to go all out and ooze femininity!

When putting together looks I always think of colors first, I love contrast. For prom I settled on three main colors:Photobucket


Black. LBD, the little black dress. One can never go wrong with this. I bought mine years ago but fortunately, it still fits. Money saved! I dislike spending much on things that I can only wear once or twice. Tight at the top, which emphasizes a slim waist, the dress flares at the bottom. A flattering cut for slender women.

White. Black and white is a classic and so chic. Besides, going all black with my hair and dress can be a bit too much. White flowers pinned onto the dress and into the hair create focus and soften the look in a romantic way. Pearls add an elegant finish.

Red. When I first began to envision my prom look I instantly knew that I wanted to go for red lips. I even bought the lipstick in January although the prom was in July! And I think that it looks great with black and white.

Black, white, red: Seeing a theme? No? How about black as ebony, white as snow and red as blood? Ringing any bells? This color scheme is such a classic and looks so well put together.

In the end, it’s all about who you want to be that one night.The pretty, sweet princess with the nude make up? Or is the elegant queen with the dramatic make up more to your liking? Don’t be afraid to try something new! It is your night, after all.


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