Oscar de la Renta Spring Summer 11/12

It has been awhile since a first look  impressed me that deeply. I usually feel drawn to the last looks , gorgeous dresses made for unforgettable evenings and nights. But Oscar de la Renta definitely hit the mark this time. Love, love it. A rich sunflower yellow gown with lots of drama going on  in the skirt, topped with a  top with black lace. Actually, the three first looks belong together: Sunflower yellow gown with black lace top, a green skirt with a black lace top, a poppy red gown under a lovely white lace shirt (so stunning!).

Photobucket1) Yellow can look so serious and dramatic. 2) Or innocent and summery (like lemonade to wear!)

After such a great opening the white lace dresses were a letdown. Of course, they are pretty but they seem unexciting, too. There is this print which I adore: It looks like blades of grass upside down. Such a great idea! Even if there aren’t any pleads this particular print suggests such.

Photobucket3) A dress to face the city jungle on sunny days. 4) And a coat on the other days.

In addition to the bold and bright pieces there are two which caught my eye. One, a soft pink ball gown with black flowers stitched on, big puffy  sleeves, lovely detail at the neckline. So princess-like.  The other one doesn’t even look like a dress. More like white sea-foam or clouds wrapped around. Ethereal.

Photobucket5) The princess likes to wear this while she is playfully flirting. 6) And this when she marries.

Image credit: style.com


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