Marchesa Spring Summer 11/12

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This makes me feel like Heinrich von Kleist, a German writer (1777 – 1811) who was renowned for his long and complexed syntax. For those who did their Abitur 2011, he was the one who hides a rape behind a hyphen (the novella Marquise von O.). He uses a lot of hyphens, so it’s a common joke that behind every one there’s a rape lurking behind. I’m certainly not comparing myself to his writing for he was a famous German writer whereas I’m a mere blogger. But there is one thing we’ve got in common. Although he was an avid writer there was always some skepticism towards language in general. In one of his letters he wrote :” Language cannot paint the soul.” Right now I feel exactly the same.

Marchesa is a brand which I admire for their delicate handicraft, they seem much more European than American. But on the other hand, I find that their clothes lack excitement and fun. They’re just pretty. But you know, lots of designers can make pretty clothes. Maybe it’s because I love color and this collection is very neutral. It just doesn’t suck me in.

Of course, there are dresses that I swoon over: The pale beige dress on the left, the ruffles, the draping, the beading – magnificent. In the middle, a gorgeous intricate floral pattern peeking behind fine fabric, a fair maiden hiding her face behind a veil. On the right, the choice of fabric is outstanding. So thin that it’s translucent. But where it folds and drapes into layers, it’s a dark and muted blue. Amazing! It’s one of those  dresses which need to be worn on a person, not on a doll. Each movement each breath creates change, ripples of blue.

In a nutshell: Just because you know how do great fashion and can do great fashion that doesn’t mean that you actually do it.


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