DIY: Ikea Rusch clock


Happy New Year! I hope that 2012 will be filled with lots of amazing experiences, personal growth and bright ideas. To my lazy self: Please refrain from postponing uneasy tasks. Remember, small steps are the key. Don’t let time slip away.

Which brings me to today’s subject. Since I know that I’ve got a huge problem with time management I bought a wall clock for my new room. Before, I used to just look at my watch or at the small computer clock. But I realized quite soon that such small clocks worsen my time management. Therefore, I bought a wall clock.

The Ikea Rusch Clock is pretty cheap but also pretty boring. Especially in white. Some might think that white on white may look quite modern und sophisticated, to me it’s not. The clock visually blurs into the walls. An easy DIY fixed that. I just measured the width of the plastic frame, cut out appropriate stripes of wrapping paper and glued them onto the clock. Very easy, which can be done while watching TV. Here’s the tutorial that inspired me. I love how the clock turned out. Now, if you think that your wall clock is too plain, just grab some pretty wrapping paper and  get started!

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