Print and boots, boots and print


The stores are having sales everywhere! Seriously, it’s impossible to walk down a street or even to read newspaper without seeing  ads announcing sales. I love this time of the year. You can buy new stuff for less money than usual. Besides, a lot stores offer additional discount when you reach a certain amount of articles.

My favorite places to shop during sales so far are Charles Vögele and Deichmann. Vögele does target more mature customers but there are three things older ladies do very well: Scarves, handbags and prints. I found this lovely dress there, marked down from 35€ to 10€! And since my brother got two tops there as well, we received additional 10% discount. Great! That makes 9€ for the dress and I saved 74%. Isn’t the print to die for? Such fine details.


The other place I make sure to visit during sale time is Deichmann. Buy two pair of shoes and save 50% on the lower priced one. Or get three pairs and the cheapest one is free! A brilliant deal when the family needs new shoes. I fell in love with a pair of black boots and even though they do not fit around the calves (but this does have a certain charm) I purchased them. Worn together with the dress, the boots add a harder touch to the look.


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