The story behind the scarf


We love stories. Especially good ones. And we are curious. Where does that come from? Who made this? Where did you buy this? Ever read a perfume advertisement? They tell you amazing and colorful stories about the fragrance but you should take them with a grain of salt.

Then what’s the story behind the scarf? The boring and honest answer would be something like this: I found it in a thrift store. It was  only 2.50€ and I liked the print so I grabbed it and paid. At home I discovered a tear at one corner, which was quickly fixed with a bit of sewing.

Now with more imaginativeness and enthusiasm: I found this at a thrift store. I was about to pay when I discovered a box with items that were 2.50€ each. Why not? Maybe you’ll find something nice!, I thought. And there was this really long scarf with this lovely  and exotic print and it was only 2.50€! For this amount of money you can’t get something that pretty in an ordinary store. At home I wondered – whom did it belong to? I’ve never seen such a long scarf. Maybe it belonged to an Indian, which wore it as a sari? Or was it worn as a head cloth? And how did this beautiful scarf end up at that store? Did the previous owner sell it because she needed money? Or didn’t she want it anymore? Did she tear that corner and decided to part with it? I guess, those are question which will be left unanswered. As for me, I love wearing this scarf with my grey coat. It’s such a romantic look!



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