DIY: Earring holder

PhotobucketAll my live I’ve had white walls in my bedroom. And I hated them with passion. White is so nondescript, boring. While my parents and my brother got lovely green and blue wall colors I got stuck with white because of Feng Shui. And even at my new place I’ve got white walls! It was exasperating! But who am I to let it get me down. So here is a tutorial for an earring holder, that adds color to terrible white walls.

You need:

  • a frame
  • nylon string
  • adhesive tape


  1. Take your frame and remove the back and front, you’ll only need the actual frame. Decide which side will hang horizontally.
  2. Cut three pieces of nylon string which are about 10cm longer than the horizontal side. Braid them and knot the end. Tie each end to the frame so that you get a horizontal line. Secure with adhesive tape to prevent the braid to slip down.
  3. Cut a piece of nylon string and knot one end around the top part of the frame. Use the other end to hang up the frame.


There you have it! Your earring holder is finished and ready to hold all your colorful earrings. Put them in by pushing the hook or stud through your braided strings. That ensures that your earrings won’t fall off that easily. I added bright ribbons to the frame as well as a long necklace. In addition, I have lots of flower barrettes which I stuck to the nylon string. Very pretty! This earring holder is perfect for storing your fashion jewelry, it’s useful and decorative. As for you genuine and expensive jewelry I wouldn’t recommend it.



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