Green eyeliner with ombre effect

PhotobucketLately, I have been reaching for my green eyeliner more often. It’s color leans towards turquoise and I believe it’s a quite nice way to add a bit of color to your eye make up.

I wore this eyeliner seldom before because it doesn’t open up my eyes like a black eyeliner does. And it isn’t easy to wing out. But then I saw pictures of two-tone eyeliner and I knew it would work out beautifully.

Just line your eyes with the color of your choice (not black) and wing out the end. Make sure that the color shows up well. Then line your eyes again with a black eyeliner. But draw a thinner line close to the lashes and wing out. This will open up the eyes. Now trace over the black with the eyeliner you used at the beginning. This creates an ombre effect with the darkest color (black mixed with the color of your choice) close to the lash line, which gives depth and definition to the eyes.

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