Marchesa RTW Fall 2012

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From far away you notice her. You notice the bold blue color  of her dress. As you come closer you make out more details: Various roses and leaves are embroided onto it. Never have you seen anyone being so bold with the color of the embroidery. It catches your eye with its beautiful shade unlike the other sort of embroidery that you have seen which prefers to shyly hide within the fabric’s color. And you cannot help it, you are intrigued by the high neck.

Next to her, there is another woman. You sweep your glance from her bare shoulders (skin so flawless that it’s glowing from within) down to the layered embroidery, that entwines around her body in fine tendrils. You think that you cannot be more impressed but how horribly wrong you are! For at the bottom you see the dress ending in pure white feathers! Those feathers, you think, those can only belong to an angel.

And to the right of her, there is a woman standing. Her dress is made of flaxen feathers that bloom across the body, the center of the blooms is made of tiny golden beads. You have never seen a dress like this before and you wonder is this really man-made? It seems to be the work of angels.


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