DIY: Pinboard

PhotobucketI’m absolutely horrible when it comes to time management. I don’t even know how I even managed to graduate because I actually never got down to learn properly. I’m so easy to distract. And since I moved out it got even worse. Time to fix that! How? With a pinboard which keeps track of the tasks I need to get done. It such a liberating experience when I cross something off the list!

What you need:

  • something sturdy as base (a wooden board or thick cardboard, I used the back of a frame)
  • a foam sheet
  • fabric
  • needle, thread, scissors, adhesive tape


  1. Cut the foam sheet into the size of your base.
  2. Stick the foam sheet onto the base using adhesive tape on the sides.
  3. Cut the fabric so that you have enough to cover the front and a bit of the back.
  4. If you like you can hem the fabric.
  5. Sew like shown in the photo below.
  6. Done!

To put something on you board you need pins. It works best when you stick them from above through the foam sheet  into the space between base and foam sheet.

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