I’m so in love with rouge


A tube of classic red lipstick is the cosmetic equivalent of my trusted hand calculator. They both solve problems fast with little thought involved! My skin looks kind of dull today? Dab some red lipstick on, the stain brightens your face instantly. Your choice of clothing today is poor? Wear bright red lips and you will look as if you’ve put some effort into dressing.


Red lipstick is a classic that goes with everything every time. For university I like to wear it dabbed on. My own lip color changes the stain into a gorgeous fruity pink, which looks natural with a pop of color. During grocery shopping I wear one layer of red lipstick with a hint of translucency. If I want to go for an especially dressy look, an opaque red lip it is.

It’s easy to tell: I love wearing red lipstick! Shockingly, I only possess one lipstick, the Maybelline Moisture Extreme in 535 Red Passion. I love this so much, I even bought a second tube when I thought I had lost it! (I found it in one of my handbags later and gave it Mum.) It’s the perfect strawberry red, my favorite shade of red! The lipstick is a tad drying so lip balm underneath is a must but it’s so worth it.


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