Snake coiling around your head


There are days on which my straight hair bores me. It’s just … so straight. No waves and curls that create an interesting texture. How often have I wished to be born with curly hair! But then I  remember the fact that I’m lazy as hell and that my hair is super easy to take care of. Lately, I’ve went for this hair style when I wanted some texture. I especially like the way it looks from behind. And it’s so simple and stays the way it is all day. Without pins and without hairspray.



Start a French braid behind one ear and work your way to the other ear, taking up only hair to the strand that’s closest to your face. When you reach the other ear, continue braiding with the three strands you have until the end and fix it with a hair tie. Take the braid and tightly pull it behind your head towards the other ear. Take a strand from behind this ear and tie it with your braid. Remove the other hair tie. Hide the hair tie underneath a pretty barrette.

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