L’Oréal Paris Color Infaillible in 004 Forever Pink


I don’t know when I started to like soft pink as an eyeshadow color. Maybe when I saw how often Michelle Phan would apply pink and peachy eyeshadows in her older videos and  looked great with them. I guess that was how it started.

The L’Oréal Paris Color Infaillible eyeshadows are loose pigments that are not loose. But they aren’t your typical pressed  eyeshadows, either. They’re very loosely pressed loose eyeshadows. Does that makes sense? A lot of blogs compare them to the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Intense Eyeshadow, they’re supposed to have a similar texture.

In Germany I’ve seen them for about 10€ at Rossmann but there’s no need to pay the full price! Rossmann regularly offers a 20% discount on L’Oréal cosmetics, so wait until then. And if you’re one of those lucky people who have those discount vouchers for 10% on everything, you can get an eyeshadow for 7€! Much better, isn’t it? But if you’re very impatient, go to dm, they’ve got them for 8€.


004 Forever Pink is a pale pink that has a metallic sheen and gold and pink glimmer. On the photos above you see the eyeshadow swatched on white eyeliner on the left, which dims the shine and draws out a pastel pink. On the right it’s swatched without anything underneath. It turns to a more rose gold color on my bare lids with a lovely shine, so no fear of a swollen eye look. I like to wear it on its own as a wash paired with a black eyeliner. Easy and pretty. No fuss with brushes, either.


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