Dancing the Tangerine Tango


Everywhere I turn my eyes to, this bright color keeps popping up. The Dior Croisette collection, the Sephora and Pantone collection – vibrant orange is huge this year. Pantone’s color of the year, Tangerine Tango, has certainly made an impact on the make up industry. I’ve seen lipsticks, blush and nail polish in this particular color. And where make up goes, fashion is never far away.

I shop by color. When I’m in a store I do a 360° turn and see if anything catches my eye. Color plays an important role when it comes to clothing. It can literally transform a look, can take it to an entirely different mood. I was made aware of this while trying on the dress. It was available in two color choices: Orange-red and navy blue. I tried the orange-red one first and was stunned. It looked so full of energy yet classy and elegant. The navy blue one, however, was a disappointment. So demure and serious and sad. Not my color at all.



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