Chocolate, nuts and toffee: This cookie has got them all


These are the best cookies I’ve ever baked. They are crunchy. They have chocolate bits and nuts. And the best of all: They have toffee. Amazing, chewy, delicious toffee. I made a batch at Easter and they were that popular that my brother had to fight tooth and nail to save some for school! No kidding. He smuggled the cookie jar out of the kitchen and hid it somewhere. Guess, I have to make another batch soon.

The recipe is from Linh’s Kitchen, a blog I recently found. Her lemon squares recipe is excellent!

Some notes on the recipe:

  • Instead of butter I used margarine. That might be the reason why 30 min chilling was not enough, the dough war quite soft. I had to chill for 2 h.
  • Because of the soft texture of the dough there’s no need for an electric mixer. Just make sure that your bowl is big enough.
  • Instead of pecans I used almonds. Pecans aren’t easy to get in Germany.
  • Don’t chop the ingredients too small. You want to notice the bits.
  • Keep enough space between the cookie log pieces. I ended up with hexagonal cookies becauseĀ  they were placed too close on two baking trays. Next time I’m going to use three.
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