Let them bloom


There is nothing that brightens up a room like flowers. They add warmth and personality to the space. And color, of course. But flowers are also expensive in the long run. They may last two weeks before they’ll start wilting and need to be replaced. Blooming plants are more cost-efficient since they bloom several times. But they don’t flower all the time and require a certain amount of light, so you can’t put them everywhere. This leaves artificial flowers. While there are some that look fake from far away (and cheap) there are also some that really fool your eye.


How do you find these roses? They are gorgeous, aren’t they? Moreover, they come in every color and are super affordable – since you make them out of coffee filters! The instructions can be found on Martha Stewart’s web page and there’s a very thorough video on Youtube.

Some thoughts on them:

  • If you don’t have the floral tape at home, go and buy it. Making the roses is much easier with it, scotch tape can’t compare. Floral tape stretches so that you can adjust the petals later on.
  • Go for white coffee filters. In Germany the brown ones are more common but they don’t bring out bright colors. I needed 6 coffee filters to make one rose, so with a pack of 80 I got 13 roses.
  • I used water color to paint, the ones that are often used in primary school.



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