Basil heaven


I like to challenge myself. To not take the easy way out. Instead of eating only dried pasta I like to make my own sometimes. I prefer home made pudding (with eggs, starch, vanilla, sugar and milk) to the one that comes from pudding powder. I can’t stand jarred tomato sauce because I’m used to Mum’s one with chunky tomatoes. So when it comes to pesto, of course I have to prepare it myself.

Pesto is easy to make and quick – if you are in possession of a food processor. If you don’t, then there are still mortar and pestle and the knife, of course. Since I have neither a food processor nor a mortar and pestle, I had to resort to the knife. It is more time-consuming but so worth it. As you chop the ingredients a wonderful smell rises. Have you ever smelt basil leaves? I love to breath in the smell while watering my basil plant.

The recipe is from I couldn’t figure out how much a bunch of  basil was that’s why I ended up using all leaves from my basil plant. But compared to the amount of parmesan that seemed to be too little. But it still tasted amazing! And it looked beautiful, a vibrant green color, very different from the muted yellowish store bought pesto. Since I eat alone the amount this recipe yielded was too much for one serving, so I put the rest into an ice cube tray and into the freezer.

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