Buns and sticks


Every hair type has its merits and drawbacks. For instance, fine hair may not have much volume and tends to limply hang down but it’s easy to pull into an updo. To be honest, I can’t help but feel a bit envious when I see girls with buns as if there’s no such thing as gravity. My own hair would need tons and tons of bobby pins and hairspray to achieve this hair style. And truth to be told, I can’t handle bobby pins. Backpinning? How does that work?

So I resigned myself to never be able to pull off that kind of hair. However, as often in live you discover new things that open doors that were closed to you before. In this case, it was the discovery of the hair stick.

On each side of your head braid one half French braid till you reach the ear, only including new strands into the side that’s closest to your face. From there, do a regular braid to the end and fix with a hair tie. Now gather all of your hair into a low ponytail and braid another regular braid. Fix with a hair tie. Now hold up your braid with one hand, the other hand holds the hair stick. Push the hair stick against the hair in the middle of the braid. Fold the braid over the hair stick  and rotate the stick so that the braid twists around itself and everything is pulled tight. Insert the hair stick to fix.

If you aren’t used to hair sticks that part may be difficult but don’t give up! The key to stability is knowing how to handle your hair length. Short hair will need fewer twists as long hair, more twists will hold your hair better. Try to coordinate your twists so that the ends will disappear underneath the bun and at the same time you can easily insert the hair stick. To do so push the hair stick from above, below or from the side against the braid to rotate.

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