Hey there Delilah

PhotobucketMay I introduce you to Delilah? Isn’t she a beauty? The way in which she gracefully holds her head high, her flushing pink complexion… But don’t be fooled by her pretty face for she’s no delicate flower. She can endure at least two weeks without water, that’s much longer than her neighbor Basil can last. We met in a hardware store last year and I took her home. Since then she’s been good company.

Delilah is a moth orchid or also referred as Phalaenopsis. This kind of orchid is one of the easiest to take care of, although some people still believe that orchids are fickle. However, Phalaenopsis are not and they are even suited for beginners.  The key is not to overwater. How can I tell when it’s time to water? Pay attention to the roots. If they need water they’re of silver color, when watered they turn green. That’s why it’s advisable to keep the plant in a translucent pot. And it’s more fun to see the roots grow.Photobucket

My mum has at least twenty moth orchids. There isn’t a time when there aren’t any flowering. It’s so beautiful. She always gets them from her neighbor, who buys the plants in bloom and then throws them out when the last flower has withered. I find that attitude very sad. Years ago when moth orchids where really expensive and considered luxury no one would think of getting rid of one just because it’s not blooming. But those orchids became widely available and easier to take care of and now you can buy them everywhere to low prices. I’m not complaining about the cheap price because now everyone can afford a nice orchid. But I do wish they would appreciate them more. For there aren’t many plants whose flowers last for months and look utterly elegant, too.


One comment on “Hey there Delilah

  1. jewelasctx says:

    She is a beauty! Wish I could grow one like that. Great read…enjoying your blog.

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