DIY: Make a choker, take a bracelet

PhotobucketBracelets are impractical. On my right wrist they get in my way when I’m writing.On my left wrist they always bump against my watch. So, yes, I believe that I’m not made to wear bracelets.

But chokers, on the other hand, are lovely. I find it’s incredibly sensual and attractive when there is a necklace hugging the neck, sitting above the collarbone, emphasizing the long lines. But chokers are also incredibly hard to find in jewelry stores.

PhotobucketOne day I was perusing bracelets in a store. They were so pretty! Much prettier than the necklaces sold there. Sadly, I can’t stand to wear bracelets. But I really wanted this one bracelet and I wanted to wear it. But not on my wrist. So we’re here, turning a bracelet into a choker.
PhotobucketYou need:

  • a bracelet
  • a strong string like nylon
  1. Twist the jump ring open so that the chain isn’t connected to the bracelet anymore.
  2. Take the string and tie to the bracelet and to the chain.
  3. Now put your new choker around your neck and admire your handiwork.

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