lavera basis sensitiv All-round Cream

PhotobucketWhen it comes to skin care I like to stick to the same products. I like to be able to rely on products that work well on my skin. So when my favorite face cream was discontinued, I found myself at loss. After I tried several options by different brands I came across lavera. And now that I’ve been using the face cream for over 3 months I can say that I really enjoy using it.Photobucketlavera basis sensitiv All-round Cream comes in round tin which measures abour 9 cm in diametre and contains 150 ml. This is a lot when you consider that you only pay about 5€ for it. And it’s even natural cosmetics, certified unter the natrue label. But those are only formalities, the important point is: Does it perform well?

The cream itself is pale yellow and scented. At first you might be taken back a bit for the scent is quite noticeable. It doesn’t smell floral at all, in fact, it’s a creamy herbal scent that doesn’t suggest a certain target group. Therefore, men and women and even children may like it. Concerning the texture of the cream, it’s feels like a firm body butter or like Nivea (not the soft version, the original) or like Dove Intensive Moisturing Cream. Just like the other creams I listed (especially Dove) it’s aimed at particularly dry skin. But although it is a very rich cream and does feel greasy while being applied, it sinks right into my skin after some rubbing. It’s amazing! One second ago, it’s on my skin with all its greasiness, in the next it has disappeared, leaving my skin wonderfully soft.

Besides its good performance, I love the fact that’s so economical. On the second photo you can see the amount of cream that’s left after 3 months use. I haven’t even used half of it. Usually, in that space of time  I go by one pot of 50 ml cream that cost at least the same for one-third of the amount. Well, my skin loves it, my wallet loves it, I love it. I think, we found  a winner!


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