Circle braid bun

PhotobucketThis hair style is fairly simple. A regular braid is shaped into a circle, the ends are tucked into the hair tie so that they form a loop. A hair stick that holds all together. No bobby pins needed since I hate them. It gets even better, the circle braid bun is incredibly versatile: You can wear it as a half updo (as seen here), as a normal bun or as a sidebun!

I just love the fact that it’s so easy to create and nevertheless doesn’t fail to make an impression. Certainly not your everyday kind of hair style you see on the streets. It reminds me of the gorgeous hair styles you sometimes see Asian women wear in movies and pictures, full of braids and hair sticks and flowers and jewels. I wish I could do some of them but they are way too difficult.  And as much I appreciate a pretty hair style I like to be quick with my hair in the mornings. More sleep for me, you see?

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