A healthy frozen treat: Granita

PhotobucketBefore summer says goodbye I’m sharing my ultimate dessert for hot days with you: Granita. Now, I was always more into popsicles than ice cream. They come in such bright and happy colors, while the colors of ice cream tend to be more subdued. Adding to that, I prefer the fruity and clean taste of popsicles over the richness of ice cream. And popsicles have little to no fat.
PhotobucketBut then again popsicles don’t feel very elegant and grown up to me. They’re nice to have around when it’s just you and your friends in the afternoon but serving popsicles after dinner as dessert? Doesn’t strike me as classy. Enter granita, popsicle’s older sibling. Tiny ice crystals in the prettiest colors, served in a nice glass or bowl. The best part: They are as healthy as fruit juice because they are fruit juice! Plus, if you’re dealing with a food thief like I’m doing in my dorm, he will never steal your granita! He will go for the box of vanilla ice cream instead because he doesn’t know of the delectable gem you have hidden in your freezable Ikea container.

  • fruit juice or frozen fruit
  • a container for freezing
  • optional: sugar
  1. If using fruit juice: Pour the juice into the container. Don’t fill it to the rim since freezing increases the volume. If using frozen fruit: Heat it up in the microwave so that it becomes soft. Mash it with a fork into a paste and add sugar if you want. Pour into the container.
  2. Put the container into the freezer.
  3. After half to one hour stir and mash the mixture with a fork. You want to break up all the ice crystals that are forming. Repeat this step until the granita is very grainy and and the texture is similar to snow. Serve. You can also pop it into the freezer again. Just remember to let it sit on the counter to soften for a while before taking out a portion.
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