Rival de Loop Automatic Eyeliner in 09 black and 01 white

PhotobucketWhat’s your opinion on eyeliner pencils? Love them, hate them, need them?

I find them awesome. Not only can they make my eyes more noticeable, they are also fabulous to fill in and define my eyebrows. And as eyeshadow base they even make sure that my eyeshadow stays put for hours! So multifunctional!
PhotobucketI have to confess that I’m not picky when it comes to make up. Most of the time I don’t expect it to be smudge-proof and water-proof. Or lasting a whole day without a smidgen of creasing. Because, well, I can live with it! No one is going to take macro shots of my eye make up on a regular day and I don’t go out without an umbrella when it’s raining and I don’t touch around my eyes much since I wear glasses. So yeah, I find it a bit strange when people buy more and more make up, just to find the perfect one.
PhotobucketI like these: Rival de Loop Automatic Eyeliner in 09 black and 01 white. They’re soft to the eye and well pigmented with one stroke. Not fully opaque but again, I can live with that. They’re neither smudge-proof nor water-proof, which makes it easy to correct a failed flick: Just wipe it away with a finger and try again. As long you don’t put them through heavy rain or rub your eyes, everything will be fine. The eyeliner pencils are twist ups so you actually don’t need the sharpeners that they come with. There is one thing that gets me annoyed each time it happens: The plastic cap is quite fragile, one crash onto the bathroom tiles and it’s cracked. Other than that I’m quite happy with this product and with a price of about 2€ (1,60€ when it’s on sale) I can’t complain. The brand Rival de Loop is only available in Rossmann stores.

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