I think, I’m in heaven. In pizza heaven.


Third time’s the charm: The first time my homemade pizza tourned out wobbly and wet. The second time I cranked up the heat as high as possible, still, the pizza was too wet. The third time it was perfect, prebaking it for a few minutes worked out beautifully.

The first bite was a revelation: The pizza crust was deliciously crispy, just like I like it. The moment the homemade tomato sauce touched my tongue, the fruity flavor sent me to heaven. The courgette slices were juicy, the ham wonderfully salty, the cheese gooey, the onion slices sweet. They created magic in my mouth. It was so good. I would have never thought that I could cook something that tasty!

You want to know what else is amazing about this dish? It actually didn’t involve much more work and time that I’d normally spend on a store-bought pizza. The dough was made beforehand, I used Jamie Oliver’s recipe, which I halved. That gave me enough dough for 4 big or 8 small pizzas. The tomato sauce was also prepared beforehand, since I always have some in the freezer. So while the oven was heating up, I rolled out the dough and chopped my toppings. Then I prebaked the crust for a couple of minutes. Tomato sauce, toppings, back into the oven until the cheese is all molten and the most amazing smell makes your mouth water. Got the pizza as fast as possible out and on the cutting board to cut into slices. Took one bite and we’re back to this blog post!

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