A siren’s call

PhotobucketThree steps to absolute shopping bliss:

One. There’s corner in the store with lots of red signs shouting SALE at you.

Two. You find something you like there (among the basics of the basics and the neon stuff that’s all the rage now).

Three. It’s even in your size! You pump your fist into the air and shout yes!, all in your head, of course.

Does that sound familiar to you?


I love the corners in stores where the items on sale are displayed, they draw me in just like moths are drawn to light. Or wasps to anything sugary. Or sailors to a siren’s call. It’s the thought of finding something special that has been overlooked by others. Most items that go on sale are either too unremarkable and too basic hence they catch no one’s eye. Others are too bright and flashy or plain ugly that no one knows what to do with them. And somewhere in between, there are items that just need you to give them a second or maybe a third look to really assess and appreciate them.

That’s the story behind the kimono wrap with the asian inspired floral print. That print is beyond gorgeous! And still there were several left. Why? I guess, it’s the cut. On the  hanger the wrap is just a piece of fabric – no shape at all. And even on you the fabric just loosely falls  around you – still no shape. And there are no buttons to wear the wrap closed and you can’t put a belt around your waist because it impairs the movement of the sleeves. Therefore I can definitively see why it wasn’t sold out. It needs a bit more working around but then it’s worth it. At last, I used safety pins to create a slim shape that made the wrap look even more like a kimono. Together with a pair of dark jeans, it’s one of my favorite outfits.


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