I don’t want coffee


Tea has always been around me. On weekends, mornings started with a cup of Ostfriesentee (black tea), rock candy (kluntjes) and cream. It wouldn’t be winter without Dad’s lemon tea. Or Mum’s orange tea. When someone fell sick he was forced to drink chamomile tea with a spoonful of honey. When my brother was a few months old Mum started to buy fennel tea, for the baby’s sake. I fell in love with that sweet-smelling tea. When I traveled to Ireland it was the package of Twinings Fruit Infusion Selection that got me excited. In England it was Earl Grey. Mum’s acquaintance got my brother and I into rooibos tea.

See, tea is awesome. And lightweight. Why am I mentioning this? Because tea makes my life a lot easier. See, when I first moved because of university I couldn’t enjoy the perks of having a car anymore. Grocery shopping without a car results in lots of heavy lifting. Especially if drinks are involved since one litre weighs at least one kilogram. But tea on the other hand, doesn’t weigh much and little goes a long way. Perfect! So yes, I usually drink tea all day now. Right now I’ve got Twinings Lady Grey, a rooibos tea and a fruit tea in my pantry and I recently purchased a rooibos tea with marzipan flavor. My brother loves it! I usually buy loose tea since it’s much cheaper that way and give half of it to my parents so that we can enjoy it together. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that I can try out new teas faster!


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