Thinking about green


It’s pretty much impossible for me to pass a jewelry store without throwing a longing glance at the display window. More often than not, I end up not only looking at the pieces from outside but from the inside. Fortunately, it’s mostly fashion jewelry, and fortunately, in most cases that’s all I do. Just admiring and satisfying my hunger for beauty and bling. I’m happy to have seen it but I don’t have to buy and own it.

At the train station where I change trains, there’s a small store that sells fashion jewelry. I love this store. The jewelry is sorted by color and it’s a pleasure to browse through the assortment since I’m drawn to specific colors. I like blue and green and purple whereas red and black and white leave me cold. It was in that store where I found a pair of stunning earrings in light green. So pretty! I left the store but couldn’t stop thinking about the earrings. Nights were spend mulling over them and in the end I walked into the store (not the one where I discovered them) and bought them. They were irresistible! With my dark hair they really stand out. And green looks lovely paired with purples and blues and greens. (I’m thinking of the dresses I purchased during the after-Christmas sales but that’s another story.)


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