And when Christmas is over


It’s tradition that the whole family goes onto a shopping spree after Christmas. While most people are still recovering from all the food and alcohol and late nights, we are in the shopping mall hunting the best deals. Shopping is so much more enjoyable when you don’t need to squeeze your way through the crowd. Moreover, waiting for a changing cubicle will never be fun, no matter how much patience you have.
PhotobucketBut even one day after Christmas the mall was well frequented. Clothes were picked up, tried on, put back and immediately snatched away. No changing cubicle was free. Not the women’s, not the men’s, hell, even the kids’ changing cubicles! Luckily, even shopaholics need to eat lunch. That was when we striked. Two pair of jeans, one skirt, two dresses in several sizes, one top and most importantly, a free changing cubicle. I spend ages deciding on two dresses. And it didn’t stop there. You see, there are no two print dresses that are identical. Even if the cut and print are the same, the placement of the print isn’t. Gosh, I tried every single one in my size only to discover that the first I grabbed was the best.  Sometimes the first choice turns out to be the one.


One comment on “And when Christmas is over

  1. Thi says:

    tolle ausbeute 🙂

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