Fit cooking in your schedule

 photo MeatVeggiieareequal_zpsb242e998.jpeg

When it comes to food I’m easy to please. Just give me something with lots of carbs (rice or potatoes or pasta or bread), a small but delicious portion of meat and lots and lots of vegetables. Take away my meat and I shall chase you across the globe with a broom stick in my hand. Take away my vegetables and I shall plan your demise. Food is quite important to me.

Let’s face it: We students don’t dine the finest food. For lunch we eat whatever the cafeteria serves, more often than not, it’s pasta with some bland sauce. No or few bites of meat and vegetables. When we finally make it home for dinner there’s not much energy left in us. Enough to throw a pizza into the oven or maybe pasta with pesto.

But I don’t want store-bought pizza and I don’t want pasta with pesto. What I want is good cooking. Yummy meals that sate me and satisfy my palate. What to do?

  • Plan your meals. Decide on which day you have enough time to cook. Decide what to cook.
  • Cook more than one serving. You can reheat and eat the leftovers on days you don’t have time to cook. Or freeze the leftovers.
  • Look for recipes that are quick to cook. Or buy groceries that don’t need much preparation to shine. For instance, bell peppers are great in stir fry. But also tasty raw. The same applies to tomatoes. And courgettes.
  • Spice things up. And spices aren’t the only things that can make a dish much more delicious. Feta cheese, olives, pickled cabbage, bacon… they all add a little something.
  • If you long for homemade pizza, make a batch of pizza dough and keep it in the freezer. Put some tomato sauce in that, too.

No matter what your excuse is, no matter how busy you are, it should never prevent you from enjoying food!


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