The perfect wardrobe

 photo dresslookfinal2_zps1b72a8bf.jpeg

Do you know how often you buy new clothes and how much you spend on it monthly? No? I’ve been keeping a list on my purchases. The result? I’ve spent a lot more money than I assumed in 2012. It wasn’t a  disastrously high number but it got me thinking: Compared to my friends I don’t buy new clothes often. I don’t rebuild my wardrobe from scratch every year like some of my friends do. It goes like this:

Friend: Oh, I don’t have T-shirts and dresses and shorts for this summer. We have to go shopping this weekend!

Me: What about the T-shirts and dresses and shorts you got last year? You bought a lot.

Friend: Pfff… that was last year! Besides I don’t like them anymore.

Whoa. See what I mean? Her problem: She buys too much. She actually buys everything that she finds cute or nice. She’s an impulsive buyer. Therefore she gets a lot of stuff that she doesn’t really like. She may wear once or twice and then it will collect dust in the closet. That’s not ideal.

What we want is a wardrobe that consists of pieces that 1) you really like, 2) flatter you, and 3) you get a lot of wear out them. Let’s try this on the green dress I bought shortly after Christmas:

1) I really like the dress. I love floral prints.

2) I think that it suits me. I’m slim and it certainly shows off my figure.

3) This is the point of this blog entry. The piece of clothing in question is a dress and you can wear it as dress. But it also works as a tight top with skinny jeans or as skirt. See? More options to wear it. Right now it’s snowing so I would never leave the house in tights only. So skirt and dress are out. But I can wear tights underneath my skinny jeans to keep myself warm and wear the dress as top during the coldest days. Have I made my point?


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