DIY: Book cover

 photo cookbook1_zpsca8da236.jpeg

Urgh. It has really been three weeks since my last blog post? That’s an eternity. But at least I’ve got an excuse: Exams. Gosh, I almost forgot how much I hate them. They always get in the way of something fun. Like making a new cover for your cookbook.

My cookbook is a notebook I got somewhere during elementary school. Remember how horses and ponies were the epitome of a girl’s dream? The gift store in town used to sell a writing set: A notebook with a glitter pen. Horse themed, of course!  photo cookbook2_zps329efe15.jpeg

So yes, my cookbook was indeed a notebook with a horse in the cover. Not very fitting, is it? Adding to that, I couldn’t shake off the feeling that I was a tad to old for horses. It was time for a make over.

I wrapped regular white paper around the book, similar how one would wrap a book cover with plastic for protection. The design on the front was quite simple, the word “Recipes” inside a decorative frame that I cut out from gift wrapping paper. The back consists of words inside a leave shaped frame and punched out golden circles. But the best thing? The protective plastic wrapping! Now I can leave the cookbook on the kitchen counter without worrying about getting it dirty. Just wipe it off! Plus, the cover is now glossy and shiny.

 photo cookbook3_zps8c127350.jpeg

The second best thing? The make over looks halfway professional since a white sheet of paper glued to the inside of the cover hides all my messy taping and clumsy craftsmanship. Voilà, a cookbook that is ready to hold your secrets for yummy food.

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