Between illusion and reality

 photo thriftflower3_zpsd550ddc5.jpeg

Mum ambushed me right at the train station. Instead of greeting and giving me my well deserved hug she gushed:”You have to see what I found at the thrift store the other day! It was a STEAL!” She didn’t even ask me how my ride was or how I did in my exams. That’s how excited she was.

 photo thriftflower1_zps10728ebb.jpeg

Well, then again, I’m my mother’s daughter and I do get excited about things like that, too. Turns out, she found a huge vase filled with artificial flowers which was priced at 2€! 2€! At first she thought that it was mistake because the flowers were obviously well-made and not of the cheap kind, which are sold at the dollar store. But no, the sales assistant assured her. That price was for real! Even then, Mum was still not convinced to close the deal. But as you see, she did buy the vase with the flowers. And promptly started to make a flower arrangement for the living room with a couple of real flowers. Can you spot which flowers are artificial and which are not?

 photo thriftflower2_zps15418a99.jpeg

Got your answer? Well, except for the magnolias every flower is artificial. Pretty convincing, huh?


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