DIY: Envelope and letter paper

 photo Ostergruumlszlige2_zpsa4fe6f0b.jpegIs there a sweeter way to send letters to a friend than a self designed envelope and letter paper? This year my Easter greetings are completely hand-made by myself. Not only is this a nice gesture but better for your wallet, too.

 photo Ostergruumlszlige3_zps7a061821.jpeg
The envelope consists of three layers of paper: One colorful page cut out from a magazine sandwiched between two sheets of white paper. I traced the lines of photos to get the template for the cut-outs and flipped it horizontally. That step was important since I taped it to the back of paper (the inside of the envelope) for the cutting. After I was finished cutting the template was removed from the paper.  The best tool to do such fine cutting is a craft knife which you find in any craft store. For the colored paper that peeks behind the cut-outs I’d suggest browsing through some old magazines to find some pages you can use. In my case it was a picture of grape vines.

 photo Ostergruumlszlige4_zps9b28af6e.jpeg

Compared to the envelope the letter paper was much more straightforward. The template was found online, all I needed to do was to do the cut-outs. I printed the words mirror inverted again but this time I glued the template to the colored paper with a glue stick. I didn’t want to remove the template after cutting since the letters are quite delicate and a second layer of paper makes them much easier to work with. Magazines are such a great resource for decorative paper, can you imagine that the letters used to be part of a picture of an orchid?

I can’t wait to send these to my friend and see her response!


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One comment on “DIY: Envelope and letter paper

  1. limelanelove says:

    These are beautiful! You are very patient to cut all that by hand.

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